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Advertisement have been add at Mexican media at USA


On crisis time with traditional markets in contraction, the key to sold your stocks is closer to you: The Hispanic market at USA.

The Hispanic are the second minority at USA, with 30 millions of people, 75 per cent are Mexican and Mexican-American, with high acquisitive power. All community spent 630 billions dollars by year, and Mexican sales are 186 billion dollars report American Census 2005.

Do not loss more time and contact us, we can open this market to your company and increase the sales by advertisement on Mexican media at USA. We have 100 radio stations at 48 states of USA (not Alaska and Hawaii), and 400 newspapers on Spanish with higher penetration on the 30 millions of Hispanics.

Call us to Mexico city at (011-52-55) 3846 3331 or (011-52-55) 2096 7701. Or write us to [email protected]

Comming soon we will open our office at Chicago.

Listen our campaigns with Mexican institutions that they wanted to contact with Mexican community at USA. We can do it same with your business.







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Senator Gabino Cúe (Convergencia Party)


Governor Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón (Democrat Party)


Deputy César Duarte (Revolucionary Party)





















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